So here is it… the day before the end of the world. Which actually times out perfectly if your office Christmas party happens to be tonight.  That way, you can have a few cocktails, Xerox your butt on the copy machine and let your boss know what you really think of him or her without fear of being fired. 

Unless, of course, the Mayans were wrong. But hey…what are the chances of that? 

The thought of office holiday parties reminded me of what has become one of the most requested Put-On calls I did (The real kind…when they were legal, and not scripted with actors!) It was to a woman named Lisa Rossi who was in charge of ordering the deli trays for the office party from the local Farmer Jack Supermarket. 

So before the world ends, why not take a few minutes to sit back and listen to a woman who thought it was the end of the world when her order didn’t go exactly as planned…

Have a great day and I hope to be back here tomorrow…depending on how things go!  


Put-On To Lisa Rossi Re: Deli Tray From Farmer Jack (7:57)