Woke up this morning and was SHOCKED to find out that the world hasn’t ended! Of course it’s still fairly early in the day, and as far as I know, the Mayans didn’t give an exact time that the world would end today. So, since we’re not gone yet, I thought I might as well go ahead and put up a Podcast. 

I’d like to mention, that this Podcast (#67) was intended for last Friday, but due to the tragedy in Connecticut, it just didn’t feel right. 

That being said, Jackie and I, along with former “Purtan’s Person” and frequent & popular Podcast guest Tom DeLisle, talk about everything from Kwame Kilpatrick to Christmas Music (and no…I don’t think his ex-honor, his Dad Bernard, and Bobby Ferguson are “Three Wise Men” by any stretch!). 

I also tell the story of how my wife Gail, and I, put up every cent we had to bring the Beatles to Cincinnati on their first US Tour in 1964. (Just wait til you find out how much it cost for a ticket to the show!) And we’ll tell you which Beatle actually stopped a concert to beg the girls in the audience to stop throwing a certain something at the band. (Nope…it wasn’t their panties!)

And speaking of music, we discuss why feminist writer Camille Paglia believes Taylor Swift, Katy Perry and Rhianna are “ruining” things for women by sending us “back to the 1950’s”. 

We also manage to reminisce about “The Whoa Boys” - one of the most popular character bits on my show (which Tom wrote) & we’ll update you on a newly discovered Dinosaur that lived 15 million years prior to any others found before. (For you non-scientific types, that means it was Larry King’s first childhood pet).

Plus…I’ll offer up a great last-minute clothing gift idea for that special someone that offers “The Crouch Without The Ouch”.

So quit staring up at the sky waiting for the Apocalypse and tune in to Podcast #67 Now! 

Have a great weekend (if there is one)…


Podcast #67  (34:22)