Before we get started with today’s blog, Jackie asked if she could say a few words…

I can’t thank you enough for all of the kind words and “Likes” I received about the piece we posted yesterday. It was originally intended just for me - and someday for Charlie. I have always found it cathartic to put my feelings down on paper - it helps me make sense of things - even things I know I’ll never be able to understand. 

Your comments about your own children, grandchildren and the children of Sandy Hook touched my heart.

I hope that the thoughts and prayers that all of us, together, are sending to those devasated families in Connecticut will help ease there unimaginable sorrow - if just a bit. 

Thank you again and may you and your loved ones enjoy a safe, healthy and Merry Christmas…



And now for a look at the lighter side of things…

According to e-mails and texts, Kwame’s only bank account is overdrawn by $236 and he’s $1.8 million in debt. That includes almost $900,000 in restitution and $650,000 in attorney fees.  

- In light of his financial woes, I’m returning the size XXXXXXX reindeer sweater I got him, and will just send him 20 bucks instead. 


A woman in Australia has been awarded an undisclosed amount of money in a workman’s comp case after suffering an injury while having sex on a business trip.  

- Apparently she works for NIKE and was following the companies policy of “Just Do It”. 


Fans of McDonald’s legendary “McRib” sandwich are getting an early Christmas gift: The McRib is available nationwide starting today.

- But just like a fifth of Vodka at Lindsay Lohan’s house…it’s available for a limited time only. 


Several WalMarts are opening at midnight this Friday, the 21st, the day the Mayan calendar predicted “The End Of The World”.  

- Experts predict they’ll be sold out of stretch pants by 12:03…Apparently women want to be comfortable in the afterlife.  


A city councilor in Montreal is proposing a law that would require all dogs to understand commands in both English and French. 

- My old dog “Mr. Muckle” was bi-lingual: he had the whole “Oui-Oui” thing down pat. 

- One guy tried to teach his dog using “Rosetta Stone” but the dog peed on it. 


On this day in 1972 Helen Reddy received a gold record for “I Am Woman” the song that became an anthem for the women’s liberation movement. 

- It replaced the old women’s lib anthem “Stand By Your Man” which just wasn’t getting people fired up.