What a week… Hurricane Sandy certainly made for a scarier Halloween than usual! And with the Presidential election just days away, the winds (in this case political hot air) continue to blow. In my latest Podcast, I sit down with Jackie (as usual) and my wife, aka Jackie’s Mom, Gail (not-so usual!) for a look at both the big and little things of interest. 

From the 108 year-old-woman in Florida who cast her very first Presidential ballot (I guess she voted early just to be on the safe side) to Lindsay Lohan’s incredibly “insightful” Tweets about the big storm, we bounce from topic to topic faster than Chris Christie on his way to a donut shop. 

The usually microphone-phobic Gail and I re-count another hurricane from years ago that we not only lived thru (gratefully) but actually drove through (stupidly)! 

And with this being the weekend to “Fall Back”… I’ll tell you about something I did with my alarm clock last weekend that had me more confused than Chaz Bono in a Unisex bathroom. 

Plus, I’ll tell you how we spent our Halloween night with Frankenstein and his son while handing out my traditional Soup to the trick-or-treaters!) 

So grab some leftover candy and settle in for a “Fun-Sized” Podcast! 

Have a great, safe weekend! 


Purtan Podcast #63