The New York Stock Exchange reopened yesterday after being closed for two days during Hurricane Sandy. 

- In keeping with Halloween, the traders wore costumes! They all dressed up as money-grubbing guys in expensive suits! No wait…that’s how they dress everyday. 


The National Retail Federation reports that this year, so much candy corn was sold for Halloween that if you laid all the pieces end-to-end, it would circle the moon 20 times. 

- It would circle Chris Christie only 17 times.   

- To think the US can repeatedly go around the moon with candy corn and North Korea can’t even get a nuclear missile to fly 50 feet! 


A Florida woman just cast her first vote at age 108. 

- Good for her! At least she didn’t wait to vote until she was dead like people do in Chicago! 

- She said she’s hopeful her vote will help elect Herbert Hoover. 


Disney has purchased Lucasfilm and is taking over the Star War’s franchise. 

- In the next film, instead of a light saber, “Pinnochio Vader” will tell a lie and then fight with his nose. 

- And instead of taking place in a galaxy far, far away…all the action will take place in A Small, Small World.  


Actor Gene Hackman slapped a homeless man who called his wife a bad name outside a New Mexico restaurant. 

- That name: Lindsay Lohan. 


Clocks “fall back” this weekend. 

- That means the networks will have to wait a whole extra hour to make incorrect exit poll predictions on election day. 


On this day in 1896 the first women’s bare breast appeared in National Geographic magazine. 

- And later today, another woman’s bare breast will appear onstage at a Madonna concert. 


Have a great day and I’ll see you back here Friday with an all new Podcast!