Yesterday, the President played chicken with House Speaker John Boehner and lost. Obama asked for prime time TV and a joint session of Congress next Wednesday, Sept. 7th, to unveil his jobs plan. That’s the same night as a long-scheduled GOP Presidential debate.  Aides said the Prez’s schedule was too tight and that NBC could just reschedule the debate.  The fight raged all day with Boehner asking the President to speak another time.  At the end of the day, Obama caved and agreed to speak on the next night, September 8th, which coincidentally will put him opposite the first NFL game of the season. 

- To make the speech more enticing to football fans, Obama and Joe Biden have announced they’ll pat each other on the butt when it’s over. 

- Word is, Obama will also use a “tele-strator” to help us understand his plan for new jobs. 

- It’s kind of ironic, since this speech is sort of a “Hail Mary” in terms of getting the country to believe we can actually get back to work.