This week, officials in Bonn, Germany, began forcing prostitutes to use sex parking meters.  The government has a hard time getting hookers who work for cash to pay income tax, so now, each night the “ladies” will have to pay about $8.50 US to get a ticket from a “sex tax meter”. If they’re caught having sex without a ticket, they can face a stiff fine.  In exchange, to try to make their trade easier, the city has built what it calls “consummation areas,” or wooden parking garages where customers can drive in to… uh… you know… in their cars.  

- This is why the Germans lost World War II… the troops spent too much time in the “consumation areas”! 

- In those days they did it in their Tanks. 

- The “consumation area”… that’s what Hitler called Eva Braun’s area of the bunker.  


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