Kwame Kilpatrick lost his bid to the Court of Appeals to keep the profits from the sale of his book for himself. The court ruled that the case was without merit and that means all the cash will go towards repaying the $860,000+ he owes the city in restitution.  But the good news is, the Kwaminator says he will be doing a book signing here in Detroit soon - at one of the four small bookstores that actually carry his book, “Surrendered: The Rise, Fall and Revelation of Kwame Kilpatrick”.  

- I guess the “Surrendered” part refers to the money he has to give back to the city! 

- $50 bucks says Kwame charges at least $50 bucks to sign your copy of the book.

- Now I understand what he meant when he said, “You done set me up for a comeback!” He’s “coming back” from Texas for the book signing!