British reasearchers discovered that ancient Egyptians used hair gel. Microscopic studies of hair samples from mummies revealed that they had been treated with a substance made from plant and animal fatty acids. They believe that personal appearance was so important to the ancient Egyptians that they used styling gel on dead bodies so they could retain the hairstyles they wore in life.  

- And just in case they woke up, they wanted to avoid that whole “dead head” look.  

- 2000 years later, the mummies look better than most kids do today.

- If hair products really hold… imagaine how great Rick Perry and Mitt Romney are gonna look 4000 years from now!

- The use of hair gel had a lot of ancient Egyptian kids saying, “Gee Mummy, your hair smells terrific”.  

- That’s why Cleopatra always called Marc Antony “Helmut Head”.