Monday night, ABC revealed the line-up for the 13th season of “DWTS”. The “Stars” include basketball player Ron Artest, George Clooney’s ex- Elisabeth Canalis, TV hosts Ricki Lake and Nancy Grace, and Cher’s transexual daughter/son, Chaz Bono.  Most responses on the website were negative with fans calling them “D-listers” and threatening not to watch. 

- People will at least watch the first episode to see if Chaz is paired up with a guy or a girl! 

- As a bonus this year, Nancy Grace will also judge her own dances; she’ll berate her own performance and accuse herself of unspeakable crimes. 


In the close but no cigar department… Ryan O’Neil was set to join the cast, but is currently in a cast, still recovering from knee replacement surgery. 

- Ryan hurt his knee when his daughter Tatum kicked him after he hit-on-her at Farrah Fawcett’s funeral.