DC Comics is planning a major overhaul of “Superman” to try to make it more relevant to modern readers. The new “Man of Steel” will debut as “Superman 1” in September.  Among the changes:  Lois Lane and Superman are no longer a romantic couple and Lois has a new boyfriend. Also, Superman’s outfit is changing:  it’s now an all-blue bodysuit that no longer includes the famous red briefs he always wore on the outside. 

- The fact that he wore his underwear on the outside of his pants was one of the reasons Lois cited for breaking-up with him. 

- Lois is rumored to be writing a tell-all in which she reveals when it comes to the bedroom, “Superman wasn’t all that super.”

- The good news is that since Superman has x-ray vision, he can still see Lois naked anytime he wants. 

- Also new:  Instead of changing in a phone booth, he’ll now pop into the local Verizon Wirelesss Store. 

- And Clark Kent will no longer report for the “Daily Planet”, he’ll be a “contributor” on Fox News instead.  

- Jimmy Olson will only appear sporadically as he’s in upstate New York on his honeymoon with his new husband!