Harry Potter took in over $481 million worldwide over the weekend, but a lot of children were baffled by an ad that ran before it in many theaters. It showed men from different historical periods including ancient Japanese warriors and Medieval knights, fighting over women. The announcer says what they’re fighting over may be “the most powerful thing on earth”. It then cuts to a modern supermarket where a woman is buying a Summer’s Eve product and the voiceover says,   “So come on, ladies… show it a little love.  Hail to the V!” Many parents were outraged while the kids were just baffled as to what it all meant. 

- If there is a next movie in the series it will be called, “Harry Potter and The Sorceress Who Feels As Fresh As A Spring Morning!”

- So basically, the announcer was doing his own version of “The Vagina Monologues”.  

- Ironically, kids were confused by the ad and their parents were totally confused by the movie. 

- There was a similar controversey when an ad for “Gas-Ex” ran before the first showing of “Gone With The Wind”.