University of Tennessee researchers followed the body mass indexes of 169 newlywed couples for four years to see how weight affects your marriage.  They found that men were happier after four years if their wives were skinnier than them, as were the women.  And the women were significantly happier than women who were fatter or as fat as their husbands.  They say the message is:  a woman can be happy at any size - as long as she’s smaller than her husband.  

- So size DOES matter.  It’s just not THAT size…

- The study was funded by Budweiser, Doritos and the NFL. 

- If this is true, Kirstie Alley isn’t going to be happy until she starts dating William “The Refrigerator” Perry.

- So guys, if your wife asks you if those jeans make her butt look big, the proper response is “Not as big as mine!”