Police in Missouri apologized to Rick Sheridan after an officer spotted what he thought was an alligator loose in Sheridan’s yard and shot it.  Sheridan ran out to find several officers with their guns drawn, standing around his lifesize concrete alligator lawn ornament.  A neighbor reported it, and wildlife officials told the cops to kill it if they found it.  The condition of the “victim” was not disclosed, but Sheridan said, “The officer fired two rounds and killed my concrete ornament alligator”.  

- What a croc! 

- Sheridan’s garden gnomes plan to protest outside police headquarters… as soon as they can get someone to pick them up and drive them over. 

- So much for the new alligator purse the cop was planning on having made for his wife’s birthday…

- If you ever are attacked by an alligator, even one made of cement, always remember to serpentine!