Monica Hesse of the Washington Post Style section asked a number of women, including the author of “Porn for Women,” what kind of pictures a man could send them that they’d find sexy. Turns out none would be impressed by a photo of a man’s genitals. But they said they would be wooed by pix of a made-up bed, folded laundry, a man holding a frying pan after cooking dinner himself, and a man “gently caressing the yogurt as he rotates the soon-to-be expired food to the front of the fridge.”

- As of this writing, not a single photo of any of those things exist. 

- Ironically, Anthony Weiner loves yogurt!  His favorite brand is “Yoplait or Mine?”

- Some guys do send pictures of themselves vacuuming… but they can’t help including the hose attachment. 

- So it’s not just a picture of Brad Pitt… it’s a picture of Brad Pitt vacuuming!