Entrepreneur magazine reports that while other restaurants are struggling, those that follow Hooter’s lead in offering sexy young waitresses in skimpy outfits, a big beer selection and big screen TVs are doing great. Hooter’s sales alone are up over the past two years - averaging $1 Billion annually.  The magazine calls this type of establishment “Breastaurants”.  One expert attributes their success to the fact that “they provide a service to men who may not have a person at home to take care of them in the same way.”

- Sounds like McDonald’s needs to “Supersize” the chests of it’s McWorkers instead of the fries! 

- Big Breasts and Big TV’s… They should just open a restaurant called “The Boob Tube”.

- The guys especially like the waitress who serves as the designated “Coat Rack”. 

- And all this time I thought guys went to Hooters for the great chicken wings!

- KFC tried to jump into the market with their “Bucket of Breasts” but it just wasn’t the same.