Maureen Nyergers and her husband bought a house - WITH CASH - in Florida so they didn’t owe a penny on it. Imagine their surprise when Band of America mistakenly filed forclosure papers on them.  They went to court and the judge ordered the bank to pay their legal fees.  For 5 months, BOA ignored their attorney’s letters and calls so the couple decided to foreclose on the bank.  The lawyer showed up at the BOA branch with deputies and movers, locked the bank manager out of the building and began seizing their assets: desks, chairs, computers, cash drawers and more.  An hour later, the manager was back with a check for their legal fees.  

- If this isn’t the “feel good story” of the year I don’t know what is!

- Of course now Bank of America is going to ask for a Government Bailout to cover the cost of the legal fees.