Peter Bower of Shelby, Ohio is facing two counts of animal cruelty for allegedly having sexual relations with three dogs and “possibly a horse”.Police say Bower advertises dog walking and sitting services, and at his home, they found signs that read “Pets Welcomed”, a book on beastiality called “Dearest Pet”, and a plastic inflatable sheep.  

- He met the dogs on during the computer glitch. 

- They also found a sign reading, “Heavy Petting Zoo”.

- As is standard in these cases, Police fingerprinted him, then took his Pug Shot. 

- He claims the dogs were, “Man’s Best Friend… With Benefits.”

- Apparently he needed the sheep for when the dogs were at the groomer.  

- The dogs weren’t even very attractive… in fact one was a real schnauzer! 

- Who among us hasn’t had a case of “Puppy Love”???