The New York Post quotes an NBC insider as claiming that the network is scaling back its planned coverage of the British royal wedding after audience research found that American TV viewers find Prince William and Kate Middleton to be “really boring”.  They had planned a week’s worth of broadcasts with Brian Williams “on location”, including wall-to-wall coverage from 4am to 11pm on the big day, but have cut the amount in half to avoid “viewer fatigue”. 

- But NBC doesn’t worry about “viewer fatigue” when they show “The Biggest Loser” year after year! 

- To guarantee Americans will watch, NBC has hired Lady Gaga to represent American Royalty and co-host the event with Brian Williams.   

- I thought we proved we were tired of the British in 1776!

- To make it more enticing to American Viewers, NBC is going to call their coverage, “A Very Special Edition of The Bachelor”.