Everyone’s heard of the “Seven Year Itch,” when couples develop a roving eye after being together for seven years.  But a poll of 2,000 Britons found that it has been replaced by the “Three Year Glitch”.

 Because of longer working hours and money worries, two-thirds of couples now say they are starting to get annoyed with each other after just 36 months.  Small irritations like weight gain, stinginess, and snoring start killing passion and cutting into sex after just three years.  That’s when most people now start suggesting weekends apart or separate vacations to try to recharge the relationship. 

- To be honest, they use those weekends apart to have sex with someone else.  

- So basically all brides-to-be in Britain should buy their wedding gowns at Costco! 

- “Glich and Hitch”… isn’t that a morning radio team in Ohio?  

NOTE: Speaking of Ohio…Jim Tressel, the head football coach at OSU has been suspended for two games for violating some NCAA regulations. 

- Can we pick which two games he’ll be suspended from???