Rio De Janeiro officials are trying to show that the city will be cleaned up and ready for the 2016 Olympics by making the current Carnival “urine-free”. They’ve launched a “Zero Tolerance for Pissing” campaign and insured that there are portable toilets in all crowded areas.  But it’s not working.  Just in the first weekend of Carnival, 214 beer-swilling partiers were arrested for urinating on the street or in doorways.  Officials blamed long lines at the Port-a-Johns and promised to bring more in.  BTW… most of the offenders were men. 

- I hope so!

- When Charlie Sheen heard the story he said, “One word:  Whizzing!”  

- Officials say this is Rio’s #1 problem and believe me, you don’t want to know what their #2 problem is! 

- Why not just make beer-swilling followed by long distance-peeing a new Olympic event?  

- Men in Rio call peeing over a fence, “Pole Vaulting”