RadarOnline.com claims exclusively that CBS President Les Moonves has been talking to WB execs about trying to arrange a truce to call off the lawsuits and bring Charlie Sheen back to “Two And A Half Men”.  Despite Sheen’s history of drug and alcohol abuse, domestic violence, porn star sex, insane rants, and violent, anti-semitic outbursts against the shows creator Chuck Lorre, the show is a cash cow for CBS.  A source claims that Moonves wants him back and told Lorre, “let us handle Charlie”.  

- I think anyone who “handles” Charlie should get a prescription for Penicillin first.

- Charlie will only come back if they hire some of his girlfriends as actors and rename the show “Two And A Half Porn Stars”.

- They may have trouble getting advertisers to back the show… no wait!  Coke!