Knut, the polar bear who drew millions of visitors to the Berlin Zoo, died suddenly on Saturday of unknown causes.  He seemed healthy and will undergo an autopsy today.  The zoo says that hundreds of letters, flowers, candles and croissants - Knut’s favorite food - are arriving in a mass outpouring of grief like that following the deaths of mega-celebrities Princess Di and Michael Jackson. There are already calls for Knut to be stuffed and put on permanent display. 

- Are they sure he’s dead? Maybe his hybernation-cycle is just a little off.  

- Ironically, Knut used to eat fish and now he’s sleeping with them. 

- Knut was pronounced dead by a “Dr. Doolittle” who admitted he had been looking a little pale lately. 

- Several members of the zoo staff will serve as Polar-Bearers at the funeral.

- No word yet on where he will be Bear-ied. 

- Knut did have some psychological issues over the years… some even said he was bi-polar.