Over the weekend, the U.N. coalition began enforcing the no-fly zone over Libya by bombing Moammar Quaddafi’s air force.  Quaddaffi responded by threatening a long war.  The move has the President in hot water. Democrats are furious that Obama has gotten us into a third Middle Eastern military action without asking Congress, and quoted his own words from 2007 that the President has no Constitutional power to unilaterally authorize an attack on a nation that’s not threatening America.  Longtime supporter Louis Farrakhan blasted the President and Michael Moore is demanding that he return his Nobel Peace Prize. Obama is currently on a trip to Chile.  

- Which will help prepare him for the “Chile” reception he’s gonna get when he gets back.    

- Opponents really got mad when they found out he’d ordered a “Mission Accomplished” banner from Kinkos.

- Micheal Moore was so outraged he lost his appetite for almost five minutes.

- President George W. Bush said, “Being the decider-er is hard work! It really is!”