As part of a movie promotion, 20th Century Fox surveyed 3,000 people over 18 who live with their parents, and 1500 parents.  They were surprised to find that parents are 3 times more likely to let adult sons move back-in with them, than daughters.  Why?  Well, so called “Boomerang Boys” were seen as more likely to pay rent, help around the house and take advice than daughters.  Girls were seen as lazier and more trouble.  

- NOTE TO SELF:  Send this story to all of my six daughters. 

Meanwhile, over half of the moms said they were happy their sons moved home, even though moms are actually more likely to cook, wash, iron, chauffeur and loan money to sons. 

- They’re already doing most of that for their husbands so I guess it just feels natural. 

- Maybe the moms like to sit around all day playing video games too!  

- We all know that mom’s want their sons to be with the only woman on earth who’s good enough for them… Her!