There are words that have come to mean a lot to me this past year: “The days go by slowly… the years, fast”.

It’s hard to believe that 18 years have passed since the morning of September 11, 2001. They have gone by so quickly. But the minutes and hours that came after the moment we learned of the horrific attacks - and the desperate days that followed - crept by. Eyes locked on our TVs, ears glued to our radios - everything seemed to be moving in a surreal kind of slo-motion.

The images were incomprehensible - the emotions, ever-changing. Shock… Confusion… Horror… Fear… Sadness… Anger… as we collectively held our breath. But little by little other feelings came through, too, as we witnessed Heroic Bravery… Hope… Compassion… A sense of Pride in being part of something bigger then ourselves. Pride in being American.

We came together on that day. We put aside our differences and put our country - and our countrymen -first. We cried as we hoisted our flags. Said prayers as we hugged our loved ones. And we vowed we would never forget.

Eighteen years later, as we once again hear the reading of the names of the innocent lives lost that day - and recognize the brave men and women - from doomed passengers on a plane in Pennsylvania to first and second and third responders - who literally ran into the Towers - risking their lives - We pause. We think. We give Give Thanks. We remember.

It’s astounding, really.

One of the Worst events ever to occur on US soil - brought out the Absolute Best in us all.

We were kind to each other. We were determined. We were certain - like the Towers - we would rise again!

And in a turbulent time, when the years seem to go by ever faster, it’s important to slow down and rekindle those feelings in ourselves - and each other. God knows we need that today.

We owe at least that much as we Remember the more than 3000 plus innocent people who lost their lives on that endless morning - as well as in the aftermath of the tragedy.

As the days go by slowly, and the years fast…

God Bless Us All & God Bless America.


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