Amazon is giving Alexa users the ability to stop the home assistant from listening to them having sex.

- Remember the good old days when the only people you were afraid might hearing you have sex were your kids??


From the “Bad Idea File” Disney is remaking the classic movie “Home Alone”… Upon hearing the news, Macaulay Culkin posted a pic with the caption “This is what an updated Home Alone would actually look like”.

- The only thing “Classic” about a remake of “Home Alone” would be this picture.


Actress Rosanna Arquette took to Twitter to apologize to her followers for being “born white and privileged” and says it “disgusts” her.

- Sounds like somebody’s been drinking the “Krazy Kool-Aid”.


A poll found that 89% of Millennials believe their life is meaningless.

- Their parents were like, “Here’s an idea: Get a job! You’d be amazed how Meaningful hard work can be”.


Prince Charles is said to be considering a cameo in the next James Bond movie.

- The Queen’s not too happy and said the film would have to be called “Over Her Majesty’s Dead Body”.


A Florida man was arrested for robbing a house but told police his HORSE was the one who Did It.

- Cops said it was “refreshing” since most guys usually blame the Dog.


A Louisiana woman was arrested after police found methamphetamines inside her private parts and police didn’t believe her claim that the drugs weren’t hers.

- Maybe she just forgot! Hey… I misplace MY KEYS all the time.


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