The second Democrat debate - which includes Joe Biden and Kamala Harris - takes place at the Fox tonight.

- Harris will spend the pre-debate hours campaigning and Joe will spend the afternoon napping.


Presidential Candidate Marianne Williamson was the most Googled candidate during las night’s debate saying that “Love” will win the election and that Trump has unleashed “Dark psychic forces” in America.

- Then she took out her light saber and accidentally cut Bernie Sanders arm off.


The makers of Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer are now selling a “HARD COFFEE” alcoholic beverage.

- It’s great for people who like their beer with cream and sugar.


An unemployed Indian man is in intensive care after being bitten by a snake - and then biting the snake back.

- I always wondered how Cobra Insurance works. Now I know.


A Seattle woman hacked into Capital One and obtained the personal data of over 100-million people.

- Well now we know What’s In HER Wallet… Your social security number.


A top model who was fired for making anti-Transgender comments and then blamed it on her own insecurity about being a woman, who used to be a man, now admits she was never a man at all - and was a WOMAN the whole time.

- This lady makes Caitlyn Jenner seem like the Girl Next Door.


Have a great day and I’ll see you back here Thursday!