The second democratic presidential debate, hosted by CNN, will get underway at the Fox Theater tonight at 8pm and will feature 10 candidates including progressives Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren.

- If those two go any further left they’re gonna fall off the stage.


A video has gone viral of a two-year-old child who climbed onto the conveyor belt at the Spirit Airlines baggage claim.

- Then the airline found out the kid weighed more than 50 pounds and charged his parents a hundred bucks.


44 years ago today Jimmy Hoffa disappeared from the parking lot of the Machus Red Fox in Bloomfield Hills.

- His associates say he was a Pillar in the Community and remains one today. Literally.


Arnold Schwarzenegger turns 72 today.

- At his age, Arnold’s new catch phrase is “Oh My Back!”

- Arnold says he’s not worrying about getting older because financially he’s got it “Maid in the Shade”.


A new study found that AOC’s "Green New Deal" would cost the average household at least $70,000 in the first year and a quarter-million dollars total after five years.

- So here’s the “REAL Deal”: You’re gonna have to give up a whole lotta Green.


According to a new survey, 28% of food delivery drivers admit they’ve eaten some of the food on their way to drop it off.

- Reminds me of my days as a Bakery Truck Driver during summers off from College. I didn’t make much dough, but I ate a lot dough-nuts!


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