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After last night’s debate, Micheal Moore tweeted that the only way Dems can beat Trump in 2020 is if Michele Obama runs.

- Insiders say she’s already decided on a campaign slogan: “Make Kale Great Again”.

- Hmmmm. A former First Lady running for President… What could go wrong???


The internet has gone crazy over pics of a 5 week old female puppy that was born with a rather heavy mustache.

- Reminds me of one of my baby pics.


Move over crows feet and laugh lines… According to beauty “experts” more and more women are getting “procedures” to correct Cleavage wrinkles a.k.a. “Clinkles”.

- And if you’re not up for an expensive Clinkle-ectomy you can always save money and just get some “Boob-tox”.


Almost all of the candidates - except Biden - said that immigrants coming over the border illegally would not be prosecuted for breaking the law, which could, in effect encourage millions worldwide to walk into the US with no legal consequences.

- If this ever passes, instead of a Wall we’ll have a giant flashing neon sign reading “Open 24/7!”


If you add it up, the candidates promised FREE Healthcare, FREE College, 100% Student Loan Forgiveness, and $1000 FREE for everyone over 18.

- If this ever becomes Law, the Bald Eagle will be replaced with a Rainbow and a Unicorn.


A woman who has turned 107-years-old says the secret to living a long life is “Never getting married”.

- But she still got some of the perks of a wedding: “She’s something old, Her pacemakers new, Her hearing aids are borrowed, and her lips are turning blue.”


Former President Barack Obama, Prince Harry & Leonardo DiCaprio were among those who used 114 Private Jets to attend Google’s lavish Greek Isle getaway to discuss Climate Change.

- They could have stayed home at watched the Debate Candidates talk about the same thing for a lot cheaper - with the same results.


Lisa Marie Presley is writing a new book which she claims will reveal “shocking” details about her ex husband Michael Jackson.

- Lisa Maria says she’s Nose stuff about Michael that even his plastic surgeon doesn’t know.


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