President Trump became the first sitting U.S. President to step foot into North Korea when he met with Kim Jong-Un in the DMZ.

- Turns out Trump went there by mistake. He thought he was there for the sale on Golf Shoes at DSW.


While in North Korea, Trump invited Kim Jong-Un to visit the White House this fall.

- But Lil Kim had to turn him down, since he’s do back in Middle School at the end of August.


Rosie O’Donnell says that “The View”’s Meghan McCain should “stop being mean” to her co-host Joy Behar because Behar is “a living legend”.

- If Joy Behar is a living legend, I’m the Pope.


NASA confirmed reports that it plans to open the International Space Station to tourism in 2020.

- And you thought the Jet Lag flying to Europe was bad.


A video of a Grandpa in Cincinnati getting crazy-excited when his Granddaughter gave him tickets to a Lady Gaga concert has gone viral.

- It’s not that he likes her music, it’s just that her meat dress is the closest his cardiologist will let him get to red meat.


Oprah says her new favorite way to relax is by sipping a cocktail called “Maui in December” that requires a grill, a blender, a fine-mesh sieve, a canning jar and a martini glass and takes 8 hours to make.

- Or you can just crack open a beer.


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