A political website posted a surprising poll last night that showed Rep. Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii as the overwhelming victor of the first Democratic presidential debate.

- Which begs the question: Who’s Tulsi Gabbard?? (She’s actually an ex Air Force Fighter Pilot)


According to the poll, Elizabeth Warren came in second place.

- Making her the #2 woman on the Totem Pole.


Beto O’Rourke received very few votes, despite answering several questions in English AND Spanish.

- He’s the only candidate who can apologize in two languages.


President Trump watched the debate on his way to Japan and tweeted, “BORING!”

- This is the first time a sitting President has ever tweeted “BORING” while on a “BOEING”.


According to a new poll by NPR-IBM, 84% of Americans are angrier today compared with a generation ago.

- Is it just me or do all these polls make you mad??


A Temperance, Michigan man is facing 50 felony counts for allegedly recording other men as they relieved themselves in the bathroom at the bowling alley where he worked.

- Police became suspicious when photos of the men were leaked online.


OJ Simpson tweeted that when the press camped outside his house, Michael Jackson called and invited him to hide out at Neverland - which he did. Repeatedly.

- Let’s see… A Murderer and a Pedophile getting together for a sleep over. What could go wrong?


Michigan lost the College World Series Baseball Championship to Vanderbilt last night by losing the best-of-3 final game, 8-2.

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