Today is the 75th Anniversary of D-Day… the most famous Seaborne Invasion in history… which saved Western Europe and indeed the world from Nazi domination.

I’d like to share a little known story of an event that happened eleven years after D-Day involving General Dwight D. Eisenhower, who led the invasion. It was 1955, Eisenhower was now President of the United States and he’d accepted an invitation to give the commencement address at the University of Pennsylvania - where his brother Milton was President. The day before the Graduation Ceremonies - which were to be held outdoors - Milton became concerned about forecasts calling for strong winds and heavy rains on the big Day. Milton called his brother Dwight at the White House to warn him about the impending storms and to ask it he should move the ceremony indoors. Eisenhower replied, “That’s your decision Milton. I haven’t worried about the weather forecast since June 6, 1944”.


A growing number of Democratic Candidates are trying to raise funds by asking supporters for ONE DOLLAR in Facebook ads.

- The only difference between todays Dems and Bill Clinton is they’re ASKING for a single while Bill handed them out.


New in grocery stores this week… Snickers Flavored Chocolate Milk.

- They get it by milking brown cows with nuts.


A Taco Bell customer in Louisiana called 911 in a panic because her local Taco Bell had run out of shells.

- Normally, customers only call when Taco Bell runs out of Toilet Paper.


Coffee Shops in North Korea are replacing human workers with “Robot Baristas”.

- To make the robots “just like Starbucks”, the Robot Baristas have blue hair and live with their robot parents.


Madonna says she preferred life before cell phones.

- In a related story, a lot of people preferred music before Madonna.


Researchers say that when you’re stressed out it makes your dog stressed out too.

- Experts say you should tell your dog to relax and remind them that Shih Tzu happens.


Have a great day and I’ll see you back here Friday!