We didn’t have a blog yesterday due to a Facebook glitch, but as you know, a Librarian named Emma Boettcher beat 32-game winner James Holzhauer on Jeopardy! Monday night.

- So James’ “Gambling System” is no match for Emma’s “Dewey Decimal System”.

BTW: My comment based on a leaked video that James was a “dummy” for only betting $1399 in Final Jeopardy was meant as a JOKE! He’s certainly no dummy!


To mark it’s 40th anniversary, "The Muppet Movie" is returning to theaters for 2 days only - July 25th and 30th.

- Miss Piggy says it will be crazy to see her younger self on film and admits that these days, she’s got a lot more back bacon.


George Michael left nothing to his two lovers in his $125 million dollar will and instead gave all the money to his sisters and dad.

- George spelled out his wishes in a song: “I’m Not Leaving You Stuff… After I Go-Go”.


Bette Midler and Prez Trump are in a Twitter war after she tweeted a long ago proven Fake quote attributed to him. In response he called her a “washed up psycho”.

- Their relationship may be frosty now, but just remember, in the winter, deep beneath the bitter snow… Lies a seed, that with the sun’s love, in the Spring… becomes the Rose.


Amazon has announced new “Same Day Delivery” for Prime Members.

- Which is great when you just can’t wait two days for a Crock-Pot and 36 Rolls of Toilet Paper.


A Texas woman says she was shocked when she cut into her daughter’s graduation cake and discovered that Walmart had given her a display cake made of Styrofoam.

- On the bright side, it was low in sugar and had a full day’s worth of fiber.


Have a great day and I’ll see you back here Thursday!