Queen Elizabeth greeted President Trump at Buckingham Palace this morning.

- In keeping with tradition, she led the massive crowd gathered outside in “The Wave”.


A leaked video clip from Jeopardy! appears to show 32-time Champ James Holzhauer who has won over $2 Million - finally LOSING on tonight’s episode of Jeopardy… After betting TOO LITTLE money going into Final Jeopardy.

- What a dummy!


A study by the British Heart Foundation debunked concerns that coffee is bad for you - and said you can drink up to 25 CUPS A DAY without causing heart problems.

- We tried to call the scientists responsible for this report but they weren’t available since they’d all checked into a Sleep Clinic.


Scientists in Germany were baffled by mysterious flashes of light coming from the moon.

- Turns out Kim Kardashian was using the flash while taking selfies of her butt.


The Elton John Biopic, “Rocketman,” pulled in just $25 million in its box office debut - about half of what producers had expected.

- Producers say they’re rethinking their promotional strategy and need a few days to Get their Duck Suits in a Row.


According to a new scientific survey, the Loch Ness Monster might be REAL.

- This, from British Scientist… a Mr. B. Foot.


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