Bruce Springsteen announced that he’s recording a new album and going back on tour with the E Street Band in the fall.

- Although at 67, Bruce is now calling it the “EKG Band”.


Nineteen people were injured chasing an 8 pound wheel of cheese down a hill during Britain’s annual “Cheese Roll”.

- So this is what people in England do when they’re not arguing about Brexit.

- Officials announced they’re cancelling next years event saying “It’s time to cut the cheese”.


One of the stars of Game of Thrones says the coffee cup left on a table during a scene wasn’t from Starbucks but “was from Costco”.

- Apparently one of the producers got the cup when he was at Costco picking up a Rotisserie Mutton Leg and Pallet of Crossbows.

- FYI: Yesterday marked the anniversary of the “Last Day of the Middle Ages”. (True!) Apparently they woke up on a Wednesday and said, “Well that was fun! Time to move on”.


Sharon Osbourne is getting more plastic surgery done in August so when she comes back to “The Talk” in the fall she will have a whole new look.

- She says her husband Ozzie “won’t be able to recognize me”. But to be honest, Ozzie didn’t recognize her at breakfast this morning.


Arnold Schwarzenegger has made his rapping debut in the video for a new song called "Pump It Up".

- He’s going by the name “Snoop Dog Schwarzenegger”.


Cher posted a Tweet saying she hoped that President Trump would be jailed and sexually assaulted by “Bubba Bob” in prison.

- If only Cher could put out hit records as often as she Tweets, she’d actually have a CAREER.


A Louisiana woman was arrested for beating up her wife after she accidentally put her marijuana in the wash.

- Doesn’t she know your supposed to Launder the MONEY… NOT the DRUGS???


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