Jeopardy! star James Holzhauer has now won over 2 MILLION DOLLARS on the show.

- He’s won so much cash… the SHOW is now in Jeopardy.

NOTE: Encouraging news from Alex Trebek who says his treatment for Pancreatic Cancer is working well so far!


The hottest thing at the pool this summer may be the “Towel-kini” which combines a bathing suit and a beach towel.

- Next up: The “STRING Towel-kini” which will combine a bathing suit and a wash cloth.


A leading relationship coach is predicting that by the year 2050 most people will be DATING ROBOTS.

- On the bright side… when you call customer service you’ll actually get a human being on the phone.


Canada, Denmark and Russia have all submitted paperwork to a special UN committee that they say proves they (individually) are the rightful “owner” of the North Pole.

- EXCUSE ME??? Did they forget about a guy named… SANTA CLAUS???


A woman in Rhode Island managed to get away from a Black Bear who opened the passenger door of the car she was in at a camp ground and tried to get in.

- The woman said the bear was “Wearing a green hat and necktie”, seemed “Smarter than your average bear” and answered to the name “Yogi”.

- The bear was not seriously hurt, but did get a Boo-Boo.


Researchers say that spending a day “Doing Nothing” can be a great way to make yourself more creative and productive.

- So that “Do Nothing” slacker whose dating your daughter may be the next Jeff Bezos.


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