Researchers at U of M found that people who meditate or listen to music in their Doctor’s waiting room remembered more details about what the Doc told them during their appointment.

- And people who listen to two of my all-time NON-favorite oldies: “Loving You” by Minnie Ripperton and “Midnight at the Oasis” by Maureen Maldaur won’t care whether they live or die.


Space experts now say all-female astronaut crews could reproduce in space without the help of men thanks to “Space Sperm Clinics”.

- Thus NASA’s new slogan: “Going Where No Man Has To Go Again”.


With the first Democratic debate just one day away, Political strategists say Bernie Sanders is trying to stand out in the Democratic field by being “the most progressive” which makes Elizabeth Warren look “reasonable”.

- That’s like saying Stormy Daniels looks like “The Girl Next Door”.


An online Knitting website is banning users from posting pics of any projects they knit that support President Trump.

- So if you’re Grandma’s a Trump fan and you plan on going over the river and through the woods to visit her today, she’s probably gonna be in a bad mood.


The FDA has approved a new drug that will instantly increase a woman’s sex drive - and last for three hours.

- Question: What’s she’s gonna do with the extra 2 hours and 57 minutes??


U of M plays Vanderbilt for the College Baseball World Series Championship in Game 2 tonight. If Michigan Wins… they WIN IT ALL!!!!! Go Blue!!!!!

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