Today, Bernie Sanders is expected to announce his plan to cancel ALL STUDENT LOAN DEBT totaling an astounding $1.6 TRILLION.

- If Bernie’s plan sounds viable to you… chances are you flunked math.


Hasbro announced that’s it’s newest version of Monopoly will do away with cash and have players making payments using an Alexa-like device shaped like a Tophat.

- They also announced that in the new version the “Community Chest” will be known as “Madonna”.


Roseanne Barr and Andrew Dice Clay have teamed up for the “Mr. and Mrs. America” comedy tour.

- These two will make Lenny Bruce and George Carlin look like Mr. Rogers Neighborhood.


A man was arrested Friday for hiding a camera in the Women’s bathroom on the set of the new James Bond movie.

- If they do a Bond movie based on the incident I’m betting it will be called “Gold Plunger”, “A View to a Jill” or “The Spy Who Filmed Me”.


A woman who claims she was left behind and trapped in a “cold dark” Air Canada plane after sleeping through the landing says she suffers from recurring nightmares.

- By the way… She was the pilot.


A man stripped naked at Detroit Metro Airport and tried to sneak past security.

- Police on the scene said “He loved to fly… and it showed”.


Have a great day and I’ll see you back here Tuesday!