Joe Biden held his official campaign launch rally in Philly over the weekend and drew a crowd of 6000 people.

- Joe said he was really “touched” by the turnout. As were most of the women in the audience.


Little Caesars is testing out meatless sausage crumbles - made out of pea protein and seasonings on a new pizza that also comes with onions and peppers and costs $12.

- Arby’s is rumored to be doing the same thing with the slogan “We Have the PEA PROTEIN!”

- $12 for a Veggie Pizza? That’s a lotta Pepperoni!


An electronic billboard burst into flames in Times Square on Saturday.

- The last time something burst into flames on Broadway Liberace was in town.


American scientists have artificially created the loudest-possible underwater sound - equivalent to two jet engines taking off.

- Before this the record for loudest underwater sound was held by Big Al during a swim at the YMCA.


Art experts have discovered a drawing of a robed man in a chair they they claim Michaelangelo sketched when he was just 12 years old.

- It’s a great pic… except for the Starbucks coffee cup on the table.


With “Game of Thrones” officially over, the website is offering up therapists who - for $50 Bucks - will help despondent fans deal with their “anger, confusion, sadness & grief” over the show ending.

- We can only hope these grief counselors will be around when “The View” goes off the air.


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