According the the Russian rumor mill, Vladimir Putin’s 36 year old alleged mistress has given birth to twins but the Kremlin is refusing to comment.

- Or as the Media is reporting it: “Trump Fathers Putin’s Illegitimate Twins”.

- At last we know! There WAS Collusion with the Russians… Or at least ONE Russian.


You may have heard that Austrian Men have been told to “Stop French-Kissing Cows” because of a strange “challenge” sweeping social media - well now it’s got it’s own hashtag.

- They’re calling it the #MooToo Mooovement.


Reigning Jeopardy! champ James Holzhauer won his 23rd consecutive game last night, bringing his total winnings to a whopping $1,780,237.

- His ex-wife says she’s not surprised adding, “He’s got an Answer for EVERYTHING”.


A French mayor is offering free Viagra to couples in his town in order to boost the local birth rate.

- Thus the expression: “Sacre Little Bleu Pill”!


1.3 Million angry “Game of Thrones” fans have signed a petition demanding that producers remake the series’ eighth season.

- In Medieval terms this is known as a “Doeth Over”.


According to new research, “polite” comments on the internet are perceived as more believable than short, angry “impolite” responses.

- WTH???


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