Beto O’Rourke went on “The View” Monday to apologize for his “White Male Privilege” and for appearing on the cover of Vanity Fair magazine.

- Seems to me he’s apologizing for the wrong things… He should apologize for going on “The View”.


The U.S. navy has released the finding from a probe into a 2017 incident in which a pilot drew the outline of his “manhood” in the sky.

- Thus the famous line, “It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane! It’s a Penis!”


Roger Daltry of the “Who” blasted pot smokers during the band’s concert in NYC Monday.

- Daltry is 75. To be fair, most of the people at a “Who” concert are smoking pot for their Glaucoma.


A woman in Maine is taking her ex-boyfriend to court to get visitation rights for what used to be THEIR dog.

- Hollywood is putting their story on film with a remake of the iconic Humphrey Bogart movie retitled: “The CANINE Mutiny”.


Oreos will release five new flavors this summer including Mint Chocolate Chip, Maple Creme and one inspired by the moon landing.

- This is One Small Step for Oreos… One Giant Leap for your Pant Size.


The Russian Government is demanding that NASA explain why the International Space Station smells like alcohol.

- Sounds like somebody’s been working on more than “Moon Shots”.


For the first time in 125 years, Hershey is changing the look of it’s famous chocolate bars - ditching their logo for Emojis instead. That reminds me of one of the great radio bloopers of all time. Back in the ‘50’s famous CBS newsman Lowell Thomas was reporting on President Eisenhower’s visit to the Hershey plant in PA. Lowell said “President Eisenhower today visited the Chocolate City. The President driving into Hershey, Pennsylvania to celebrate his 63rd Birthday. 30 thousand or more people were cheering him… all the folks who make Hershey chocolate… with and without nuts”. When he realized what he had just said, he broke up so badly that he couldn’t go on and ended his newscast early. I used to love to play this on the air from time to time. It’s a classic!

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