…Auto Show Week! Time for the unveiling of the auto companies’ cars — and women’s dresses! (At the black tie preview that is!) Unlike so many years past, it looks like we’re not gonna have much snow this week.  What’s up Canada?  Where’s all that snow you usually send our way? (There go more shovel-ready jobs!)

Lion’s season over… but, hey, they made the play-offs and we haven’t been able to say that in over a decade! Stafford-Johnson passing combo portends great things for next season! Now if we can just improve our defensive secondary…

Today at DickPurtan.com we cover “contraception” at the GOP debate and a lack of it for Beyonce and her husband Jay Z… (They just had a baby - and wait til you hear her name!) Jay Z filmed the delivery and Kayne West said “Beyonce had the greatest birth-video of all time!” 

Meanwhile, on this day in 1913… Richard Nixon was born.  His dad recorded the birth and historians still can’t explain the 18 and 1/2 min. gap in the audio tape!

For more scintillating stories… I’ll see you over at DickPurtan.com!

Have a great day!