I hope your Holiday week was a good one.  I saw two movies, “War Horse” (good) and “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo” (very hard to follow the plot unless you’ve read the book which I hadn’t).  

New Year’s Eve I watched Lady Gaga perform in Times Square with a birdcage over her head (weird in a good way) and comic Kathy Griffin strip down to her bra and panties on CNN (weird in a bad way). At least she didn’t say F_ _ K  as she did the last two years.  The CNN execs must have nixed that, and just when it was becoming a New Year’s tradition! 

How about MSU with that 33-30 triple overtime win over Georgia yesterday!!! 

And tonight Michigan plays Virginia Tech at 8:30 at the New Orleans Superdome in the Sugar Bowl - Go Blue!!! 

Then the Lions will play at the same venue against the Saints Saturday night.

And now for todays blog… There’s bad news for guys named “Kevin” and girls named “Mandy”! Elton John reveals who he wants to portray him in his life story, and this is the anniversary of John & Yoko’s nude album cover.  We’ve decided not to publish the picture in case you have an empty stomach! And speaking of disturbing pictures… check out the picture of Big Al on my Offical Dick Purtan Facebook Page

Have a great day, and a great year!