Singer Beyonce and her husband Rapper Jay-Z welcomed their first child over the weekend. Little “Blue Ivy Carter”.  (It’s a girl, by the way).  The couple received tons of tweets from fellow celebs congratulating them, including one from Gwyneth Paltrow. 

- She was thrilled they’ve gone with a “color scheme” for the kid’s name instead of the “fruit thing” she went with when she named her daughter “Apple”. 

- They also got a tweet from Anthony Weiner… but it wasn’t a congratulations message, it was a picture of his own “pride and joy”. 


But not everyone was happy about it. They reportedly paid $1 million to rent an entire floor at New York’s Lenox Hill Hospital. Neil Coulon of Brooklyn claims their “thuggish, headset wearing security guards” turned the maternity ward into a private VIP nightclub and booted him and his relatives out. He says he was even blocked from the neonatal ICU where his own wife was giving birth to premature twin girls.   

- The floor was so exclusive, little Blue Ivy only got in by hiding inside Beyonce’s uterus.