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Welcome to the first weekend of May...and Podcast #120!  Today, my wife Gail, daughter Jackie and I offer up an All-You-Can-Listen-To-Buffet including:

- Donald Sterling and his "unusual" Mistress.

- How Jackie accidentally almost re-created the "plot" of an adult film, when she answered the door for the exterminator wearing...well, not much. 

- The theories behind George Clooney's engagement. (Yes...there are actually "theories" about it!)

- Toronto Mayor Rob Ford's astounding realization that he "might have a substance abuse problem". (You can't get anything by this guy!)

- People with Photographic memories. (Very helpful...but hard to post on Facebook!)


-The night Jackie's chin turned purple and why...

- And another installment in what has somehow become a regular Podcast Feature... "Dick's Injury of the Week!"

So grab a lawnchair (and a blanket) and join us as we usher in a rather chilly May with Podcast #120.

Have a great weekend!