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Hello and welcome to another fabulous Spring weekend in Michigan! (Yeah, right...) The temperature may not be so hot, but Podcast #119 is chock full of things to warm your cockles. Here's just a sample: 

- Why, if you're thinking of cutting off you're penis, you should really think it thru.

- Do Jihadi woman get 72 virgins like the men do? 

- Why getting one of KFC's "Chicken Corsages" for Prom should be on your Bucket List. 

 - How unbelievably bad (in our opinions) Will Ferrell's  "Anchorman II" movie really was. 

- My one experience with "Mary Jane" and how Jackie almost became engaged to a lamp. 

- True Hollywood "Dope Stories" from our special guest, Tom Delisle. 


- Something I've done to make a foot injury more comfortable that has suddenly become a hot fashion trend among the "Beautiful People"!

There's lots more, so pour yourself a nice cool refreshing glass of hot coffee and warm up to Podcast #119!  (36:34).

Have a great weekend!