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Welcome to Easter Weekend and Podcast #118! Here's what the Easter Bunny (along with Jackie and special guest Tom DeLisle) has in his basket for you this week: 

- How Al Pacino's looks and voice have changed so dramatically since "The Godfather" days.

- Bruce Jenner's "Chesticles" (He could be a Victoria Secret Model...)

- Why is the world obsessed with the Kardashians?

- Speaking of big butts...We'll tell you a funny story about how Nipsey Russell once described a beauty pageant contestant on live TV. 

- How Greta "I Vant To Be Alone" Garbo used the produce section of a grocery store to exchange secret messages with a certain actor. 

- Jimmy Durante's surprise call to Dick's father-in-law and how it came about. 

- The average yearly salaries for Detroit's Professional Sports Teams - The winners and the losers. 

- The new Michigan Football broadcast team and who Dick thinks is the hardest working man in on-air play-by-play coverage. 

- Dick's discovery of a mysterious Aunt named "Flo" that no one in his family EVER mentioned. 

- The most famous movie OF ALL TIME. 

- How our special guest Tom Delisle came to meet Elvis and the secret system the "Memphis Mafia" used to make sure the King of Rock 'n Roll met only the "hottest babes". 

- And which of Elvis's co-stars became a nun after working with him. (And still is!) 

There's plenty more, but we don't want to put all of our Podcast "Eggs" in one Blog Basket! 

So hop on down the Bunny Trail and tune in to Podcast #118!  (45:30)