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Welcome to the weekend and Podcast #113...our first "Pothole Podcast". My wife Gail, daughter Jackie and I talk about the dangers of swerving drivers due to the virtual invasion of these road wreckers. And speaking of invasions...We discuss Hillary Clinton's recent comparison of Vladimir Putin to none other than Hitler. (Apparently Ukraine is the new Poland). Also speaking of invasions...we'll tell you about Bill Clinton's recent "accidental" photo op with two prostitutes. 

From there I'll tell you the Five Words I've been mispronouncing my entire life...and you probably have been too! 

Then suddenly, WH-ooo (that's a hint) walks in...but my special guest, former "Purtan's Person" Joe Noune. (He wasn't late - we just started without him). He immediately notices that I am now sporting not only my traditional mustache, but a goatee and a new hairstyle. 

It all started as a way to raise money for the recent Salvation Army Bed & Bread Club Radiothon and ended up changing my entire "Look". Yes, with the help of my barber, an olympic size swimming pool and two blow driers, I managed to create the "Just Rolled Out Of Bed" look so many Hollywood types are sporting. Hard to believe...but after all these years I'm finally "A Dude". I'm "Hip"! 

As I bask in my "Coolness", I'll reveal the REAL REASON I retired... and if that isn't shocking enough, Jackie tells us about a new remote control device accidentally discovered by scientists that will allow women to experience the big "O" (and I'm not talking Oprah) with the touch of a button. 

Get ready guys...the girls are about to get their very own Clicker! 

From Potholes to "Personal Pleasure" it's all in Podcast #113!  (36:12)

Have a great weekend, and my goatee and I will see you back here Monday with our regular blog!