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Welcome to the weekend and Podcast #109 featuring...drum roll please!...The return of Dick Purtan! (Okay...enough of referring to myself in the 3rd person. That's just weird). Anyway...after a three week vacation I'm back at the dining room table with daughter Jackie for Podcast #109.

And we've got plenty to catch up on. From the insane weather (is it any wonder Chuck Gaidica is hanging up his Doppler?) to Justin Bieber's on-going crime spree, a lot happened in January. Most shocking of all has to be the news that The Captain and "Love Will Keep Us Together" Tennille, are divorcing after 39 years of marriage. (No word yet on who gets custody of the Muskrats). I'll tell you a story involving one of the Tennilles, a frisbee, and a pastel undergarment from my days Emceeing at Pine Knob. 

I'll also tell you why the Queen of England is being forced to live "on a budget", what target weight do airlines design their seats for, and a personal story about an encounter my wife Gail and I had the other day at Metro Airport with two women who give the word "clueless" a whole new meaning. 

I've also got a BIG (literally and figuratively) announcement  about the Salvation Army's Bed & Bread Club Radiothon that's coming up on Friday, Feb. 21. (I think you'll be as surprised by it as Jackie was). And I'll reveal some shocking news about a certain someone who is about to start doing Stand-Up comedy. 

So say goodbye to January and hello to Podcast #109! 

Have a great weekend!